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Why Should You Buy Atolla T01 Laser Distance Measurer

Many professionals and ordinary users prefer known brands to new ones when purchasing laser measures. However, you can even get competitive and top-quality products at inexpensive rates from emerging companies as well. One such example of a cheap laser measuring tool is Atolla T201. The company offers its laser meter for indoor and outdoor measurements, making it the best choice for commercial and domestic tasks.

This device has several features that provide accurate measurement outdoors at far distances. We will provide all the top qualities and a few shortcomings in this Best Outdoor Laser Measure Reviews about this device. It will assist you in determining how it is a good laser measure for your outdoor needs.

Multiple Measurements

Due to several additional features, the Atolla T201 laser measure is suitable for indoor and outdoor measurements. This laser measure for outdoor use provides many estimations, including single measurement, Pythagoras measurement, area/volume measurement, and continuous measurement. The feature of continuous measurement also includes minimum and maximum values.

Accuracy and Range

The laser beam used in this device is a class II product with a power output of less than 1mW. The range of this laser beam is from 0.15 to 60m, which is ideal for both indoor and outdoor measurements. You can achieve a +-2mm accuracy level with this device. It is also possible to adjust the measured results by +- 7mm. The alignment of the laser on vertical and horizontal levels is also easy. It is due to the presence of the two bubble levels.

Easy to Use

Several functions make this device simple to use. You can set the default reference point from either the front or back of the device. These features will help you decide What is The Best Outdoor Laser Measure For Construction? Top Laser Measure Reviews can also assist you in this process. The backlit LCD is easily readable in dark or bright conditions. You can safely handle this tool by using its removable hand strap. Due to its compact size, you can also carry this laser meter easily in your pocket or bag.


You can use this device outdoors without worrying about dust or water. The body of the AtollaT201 laser meter is ABS plastic. This professional laser tape measure contains dustproof and splash-proof IP54 protection. Another protective feature is its auto-off function. It enables the device to shut off if there is no activity for 3 minutes.

Additional Features

The device contains several additional features for better outdoor functioning. You can view your measurements in either meter, foot, or inches. It is also possible to save up to 20 records in this best laser measuring tool for outdoors. You can easily retrieve them according to your requirements. Mute buttons and self-calibration are other features that make this device a desirable one for outside usage.


Atolla is not much famous for its laser measure tools. However, the company has a valuable device for indoor and outdoor measurements. This laser meter has several top-class features favorable for outdoor utilization. You can compare these features with other devices and can decide about purchasing an Atolla T201 laser meter for outdoor measurement.


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