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it has been perhaps a year since i felt the old rage that used to live just under my tongue. rage, that powerful emotion that sits so uncomfortably close to love, that fuels so many of our political actions and demonstrations, that has become so fashionable these days in radical leftist social justice rhetoric. John Abbott College is the only English language CEGEP in the West Island of Montreal. We offer pre-university and career programs, as well as a wide range of continuing education programs to over 5700 full-time and 2000 part-time students.  
Bonus points if you can dance your way through all 10 hours without developing any blisters on your feet or passing out due to heat exhaustion. If you’re looking to start your party on Friday afternoon, look no further than the inaugural edition of Ohh La La, especially if you’re into cyclists in spandex biking shorts. At 4pm, a crew of about 400 cyclists from the Friends for Life Bike Rally will roll into town to complete their 600 kilometer ride from Toronto to Montreal to raise awareness and funds for people living with HIV/AIDS.  
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The 2008 crash and subsequent recession saw the emergence in North America and Europe of new left-wing electoral parties or party fractions. These include, in the USA, Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Democrats; in the UK, Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party; in Spain, Podemos; in Germany, Die Linke; in France, La France Insoumise. While many might be described as socialist, or democratic socialist, they often also distinguish themselves from older socialist or social democratic formations; we call them left populisms. Left populisms are connected in contradictory ways to the platform capitalism exemplified by Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Uber. Left populist parties emerged from the anti-austerity movements organized with the help of social media platforms. However, the failures and scandals of platform capitalism have also been important to left populism. Edward Snowden’s revelations of ubiquitous surveillance and the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica-Russian hacker imbroglio around the 2016 US election have fueled a "techlash" against giant digital corporations that is now an important component of left populist sentiment. It considers the similarities and difference between and within left populist parties on these issues; the extent of their departure from neoliberal policies; and their differences, and occasional similarities, with right-wing populisms, such as that of Trump.  
The differences between his life and theirs were brought into sharp relief by the 2011 revolution in Egypt and the civil war in Yemen. It features striking research about the emergence of brown as the colour of cheap labor and the pursuit of a lighter skin tone as a global status symbol. Kamal’s books will be available for sale by the Concordia Community Solidarity Co-op Bookstore. The bookstore is pleased to offer a viable alternative to the corporate structure, putting students’ best interests above and beyond our own bottom line.  
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In 1991, DiAna’s then-unorthodox methods for talking about sex and condoms were documented in Canadian-born Ellen Spiro’s short film DiAna’s Hair Ego, which will also be screened on Thursday. Today, Columbia has the forth-highest rate of HIV infection per capita in the United States, she says, and according to one Center for Disease Control study, HIV infection is the leading cause of death for black women aged 25 to 34, the same age of many of the women who visit DiAna’s salon. Black heterosexual women remain one of the populations most affected by HIV in the USA, disproportionately so. "We would have had to represent someone who had lived discrimination, and we can’t do that for all trans and intersex people in Quebec.


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This forum is to find bike buddies for your cycling adventures. Shoot a message and go on an adventure!